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Introducing, the personal subset to is dedicated to providing fun and interesting items for acquaintances, friends, and family. The site houses current news, sporting trips (ballpark tours and Chicago Cub games I have attended), photographic galleries of vacations & the great outdoors, popular links, and other cool stuff. is trying to achieve the general theme of “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere”….Dr. Seuss. Flexibility
Introduction of a second website has allowed for more content; and has forced a focus of each website for a specific audience or purposes.  The flexibility of will allow for emphasis on fun for acquaintances, friends, and relatives with higher quality photographs, updated news & announcements, and a forum to keep the dream alive…Cubs Win World Series!!!

We Cub fans are all too familiar with “the century mark” since anyone heard the words “Cubs Win” at the end of the World Series; let's hope it is some time much sooner then the next milestone…a millennium. Expandability
The addition of the second website will allow for room to expand.  Keep returning to and look for new developments…remember “Time moves on...things change” and “Sometimes OLD things just get better with time…!”


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